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Name International Design Conference (IDCA)

Associated Records

Image of 1973.021.0005 - 1973.021

1973.021.0005 - 1973.021

One 24" x 36" IDCA poster of photographs and illustrations of Aspen in various periods of time. The top photograph is a panoramic view of Aspen and Aspen Mountain, circa 1970. The next photo is an aerial shot, circa 1970. The third photo is a panormaic view of Aspen taken from Aspen Mountain, looking down Mill Street. The fourth image is a section of the 1893 Bird's Eye map, and the final image is a cross section of tunnels. At the top of the poster is "Aspen, Colorado" in red. Designed for the 1972 IDCA.

Image of 1989.028.0026 - 1989.028

1989.028.0026 - 1989.028

One 21.5" x 31.5" IDCA poster. It features a color illustration of a boy and a dog, and says "Kaleidoscope" at the top, and "Growing by Design" and "40th International Design Conference in Aspen" at the bottom.

Image of 1991.043.0001 - 1991.043

1991.043.0001 - 1991.043

One 23" x 35.5" IDCA poster for the 1991 "Bare Bones" conference. The poster is brown with specks of different colors and the lettering is black.

Image of 2013.044.0127 - 2013.044

2013.044.0127 - 2013.044

Mad Magazine, dated July 1983. The price of the magazine was $1.00.

Image of 1996.048.0022 - 1996.048

1996.048.0022 - 1996.048

One poster for the 39th International Design Conference in Aspen, 1989. The poster features an abstract image of a figure in American flag colors, holding up something colored like the Italian flag. The word "Aspen" appears in the bottom section. Around the border of the image, it says "The Italian Manifesto: The Culture of the Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Cities. Tuesday, June 13- Sunday, June 18, 1989. The 39th International Design Conference in Aspen". There is registration information along the bottom of the poster in small print.

Image of 1997.002.0008 - 1997.002

1997.002.0008 - 1997.002

One 22" x 40" poster advertising the 1979 International Design Conference in Aspen, June 17-22. The poster reads "Japan in Aspen: A Synthesis of Contradictions". The background is silvery gray, with red and black lettering. There is an image in the center of a Japanese geisha holding a camera. There is a tear at the bottom of the poster.

Image of 1998.011.0009 - 1998.011

1998.011.0009 - 1998.011

One 5" x 9" 45 page program for the 1995 International Design Conference titled "New Business, Redefining the Idea of Design" from June 8-11, 1995. The IDCA featured speakers and workshops.

Image of 1998.011.0010 - 1998.011

1998.011.0010 - 1998.011

One 5" x 8" 49 page program for the 1993 International Design Conference titled "Reconstruction Ahead" from June 13-18, 1993. The IDCA featured speakers and workshops.

Image of 1999.009.0094 - 1999.009

1999.009.0094 - 1999.009

One poster for the 38th International Design Conference in Aspen, 1988. The poster is mostly black, with an abstract design in the center featuring a jester figure walking across a razor blade. Above that, in white, it says "38th International Design Conference in Aspen. The Cutting Edge: An Examination of the State of Things. Sunday, June 12 to Friday, June 17, 1988". At the top of the poster, in small print, is regristration information, as well as a listing of people involved.

Image of 2013.044.0128 - 2013.044

2013.044.0128 - 2013.044

Sports Illustrated magazine, dated May 9, 1983.

Image of 2013.044.0137 - 2013.044

2013.044.0137 - 2013.044

Wall Street Journal, June 15, 1983.

Image of 2005.016.0050a - 2005.016

2005.016.0050a - 2005.016

One poster for the 1997 International Design Conference.

Image of 2013.044.0112 - 2013.044

2013.044.0112 - 2013.044

Computer diskette (3.5" floppy disk) and slip cover. Written on the slip cover is "Pioneer I."

Image of 2013.044.0104 - 2013.044

2013.044.0104 - 2013.044

TV Guide magazine, dated June 18-24th, 1983.

Image of 2013.044.0113 - 2013.044

2013.044.0113 - 2013.044

One seven page essay written by Nick DeWolf with his predictions about the future, written for the 1983 IDCA Conference "The future isn't what it used to be."

Image of 2013.044.0087 - 2013.044

2013.044.0087 - 2013.044

Cardboard cover and label for the MIT videodisc. The title of the disk is "Aspen Streets and People".

Image of 2013.044.0068 - 2013.044

2013.044.0068 - 2013.044

People magazine from June 13, 1983. The magazine features an article on Tony Perkins, an actor in Psycho.

Image of 2013.044.0071 - 2013.044

2013.044.0071 - 2013.044

Poster advertising the Aspen arts festival, taking place on May 26th-June 10. The poster claims this is the 4th Aspen Arts Festival.

Image of 2013.044.0072 - 2013.044

2013.044.0072 - 2013.044

Flier advertising the 33rd International Design Conference, with the title "The Future Isn't What It Used to Be". Attached to the poster is a student ID card from the University of Southern Missouri, a ticket to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts El Greco Exhibit, and a card for the University of Southern Missouri.

Image of 2013.044.0086 - 2013.044

2013.044.0086 - 2013.044

Aspen Journal for the Arts, Summer 1982, advertising the artistic offerings for the 1982 season for Aspen. It includes a full summer calendar of artistic events for the Aspen/Snowmass area as well as poetry, short stories and interviews.